Over the Rainbow

We remember the day we met you for the first time: so small, so fragile, so incredible, so loveable and new. Counting down the days until we could bring you home! The many worries, the planning, reading how to care best for you, what to buy and have ready, how to be a good parent to this little creature that you hoped and dreamed for so long you could think of nothing else. Many trips to the shops to ensure all necessary needs would be met upon arrival. The “nesting” process was in full force.

Then THAT day came!! We brought you home: opening our hearts, our souls, giving all of the best we had and then some. Loving you was easy. Watching you  grow and change: watching for the little changes and developmental progress. Of course, sometimes, not knowing, made further reading or a trip to the doctor. Your health and happiness became the priority above our needs or wants, but this is what you willingly sacrifice for the one’s you love.

The emotional bonding is incredible. You miss them dearly even if you just go away for a few hours, or, heaven forbid, a few days! Your heart aches and longs to be next to you, for cuddle and tease and play and just give love to! Your heart and soul sours heavenward when our eyes would meet and we connected.

Over time, anticipating your needs, wants, your non-verbals were replaced when you spoke your first word! What a day! Such delight and excitement and oh so damn cute!! Every day you were encouraged to become all your could be, socializing, time our at the park, enjoying  birthday treats and parties, the company of friends and family.

The best was always for you our precious princess.  Our time with you will always be remembered as precious.

Over the RAINBOW: We see your smile, your strength, your beauty, and remember that we all lost a piece of our heart and souls the day you went over the rainbow.

Over the rainbow, our little girl