My world through the lense:

Looking the lens of my camera makes my work manageable and beautiful if I chose or I can make a statement of impact. Photography is a wonderful hobby and potential cash maker, if you work hard enough, practice long enough and in the correct way, using your equipment correctly and actually read the manual(s)!! But, grabbing the camera for a morning or even a hour and just get away from the every day has such worth for me in terms of fun, socialization, meeting new people, connecting with life minds, learning and growing together.

There is such a feeling of calmness, possibilities, and excitement at what may be and the push to do something different! Just get out and shoot. Have a goal: my present goal is to continue working with my equipment and become more comfortable if off camera flash and actually DO fill flash. I have done several natural light photos which I do prefer that “earthy” soft light. I dream of being able to take those photographs that make you stop and think , “wow, that is  such a great capture, so creative”!! It makes me slow down and breath, enjoy what I am photographing and have some fun.

This hobbies which has led me to meet many fantastic people with varied talents and knowledge which is a real blessing.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a pain in the assets, if you know what I mean. All the scheduled appointments, labs, scans, Drs, RNs, RDs, and list seems to go on a bit too long! I recently found a new GP accepting new patients so was on the phone PDQ to get a “meet & greet”. Of course, being a RN, I went prepared with all my medications listed with doses and frequencies as well as a list of all my specialist Drs that I see for x, y, & z. Za, & others PRN. ? Of course, first question was, “do you take any medication?”

Me: I sure do and here is the list along with all my Drs/specialist ( it was a full page typed out on WORD doc.  It would not be complete with out family history and present medical history…At the end of the visit I had to know, :So, you game to take me on??”. I’m still there, so its all good.

You’re probably thing this has nothing to do with photography, well , yes, it does. Let me explain. My usual life is taken up with varying degrees of reality, keeping myself on track with many different aspects ( of course keeping in mind all the dos’& don’ts, etc. and then at work I do exactly the same for the many people I see for their chronic disease management. I’ve often thought that their lives, their stories/experiences could be so well documented with out a word by photos rather. Similar to the “People of New York” that is popular, we could make our own Photobook: the People Close to Our Hearts and Souls.

Of course, photography is not ever considered during health matters as this usually is because the person has hit a rough patch in life and has lost hope, become depressed or overwhelmed, burned out, etc. I think that seeing the “reality” of people where they are makes them better understood and lets us as clinics have a brief glimpse into their lives which we are trying to help with and change. We all know change is always a tough thing because very often we have to look at OURSELVES and see if there is something that we can be doing differently. Do we/I know about my patients: their lifes, jobs? children, sandwich generation? poverty, poor reading/writing, where they live, etc??

Photography is so powerful in showing emotions, every day activities, general community activity and the people that life there.