Folly of surgery and salt baths

Percy Sledge, booming from a Bluetooth speaker. Soaking in a salt bath and jamming and grooving to the classic song, Sitting on the Dock. Sun streaming in between the shutters of the slat blinds. Yes, its midday, I’m grooving and soaking and singing my heart out with Percy Sledge, I’m feeling the song and putting my best bathroom voice on thinking I’m on a stage someplace in New Orleans in a jazz bar…”sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away…resting my bones…” Feeling great, in the groove, totally slammin’! Then, comes the whistling part: things go silent…Oh my, I can’t whistle!!! What ??!! Then it dawned on me: surgery consequences.

Last year I had a second surgery on my lower lip for skin cancer, so I am left with half a lower lip. I know when the wound was fresh, I had difficulty eating, drinking and noticed a difference in some speech, but that eventually healed and things went back to normal, or so I thought: until today. I can’t whistle. No biggy, but just another change. It’s not like I have to whistle, maybe if I was in New York and needed a cab…but I’m not. So life is good, at least I still have a bit of a lip. Downside, I can’t do those sexy lips with great lipstick, but that’s ok too because I’m not a model or a Hollywood star. Nonetheless, whenever I have to go back to dermatology, there is this dread that there will be more cancer and less and less lip…

Today I’m not stressing about it, I’m just enjoying the moment: warm salt bath and Percy Sledge. Salt baths: time to relax, reflect, soothe, and to take a brief break from the carasoul of life with CKD, skin cancer, chelation, etc. Just me and Percy rocking it out. Ahhhhh. Little piece of paradise right here at home where I can be me, I can be crazy, laugh like a lunatic, cry, or just curl up with my hubby and feel safe and warm. Salt baths are great therapy time. I am ready.


bath jazz

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